Solution Background

Promoting the innovation and perfecting public order prevention and control system is the priority of public security work at present. It is a powerful guarantee for the realization of a safe construction of China as noted in the 13th National Five-Year Plan. It is the need to safeguard the country's long-term security and people's living and working in peace and contentment. It is also the need to guard against and defuse various risks and challenges, and to meet the growing needs of people's lives.It is the need to adapt to the development of social equity and justice and the rule of law.

Solution Description

With the continuous deepening of safe construction, further improving the level of socialization, rule of law, intelligence and specialization of social governance and the comprehensive mechanism of social security management have become the urgent need and new trend of urban planning and management. Based on its self-developed and full stack computer vision technologies and a full-range of hardware and software products, Pensees has introduced a three-dimensional, information-based social security prevention and control solution.

Solution Elements

To build a public security prevention and control data cloud to achieve full real-time data collection and control of public security.
To enhance the level of application, management and services with intelligent data.
To create a new service model relying on social forces and operator's resources.